tx1: jetpack update

Hi experts

I have a tx1 with an older jetpack. What is the best way to upgrade the most recent version on jetpack?

Should I just follow instruction and flash the jetson with new Jetpack?


New JetPack (version 3.2.1) is recommended. You can clone your Jetson first if you want to keep a loopback mountable copy of the original system for later reference (you can’t flash an older release rootfs to a newer release fs, but you can copy pieces of it at a later date via a clone). You can use your older driver package to do the cloning before you download and run the current JetPack3.2.1, but beware you are going to need a lot of disk space and clones are not fast. Actual clone instructions change depending on release version of the driver package used.


I have defined a virtualbox and will now update my tx1 with Jetpack 3.2.1.


Beware that VMs are not supported. VMs can work, but they need extra care to not lose USB and ethernet. The USB and ethernet may go up and down during the process and default VMs are extremely likely to fail during re-enumeration (I’m not “a VM guy”, but there seem to be ways to give semi-permanent ownership of a port or device to the VM so that if items are plugged in and unplugged in a repeated cycle the VM keeps ownership).

This may be of interest:

Yes I just realized that……Tried virtualbox, but stopped(stalled) at the end of the flashing.




Read and used the installation guide and used jetpack 3.1 and everything now works…