TX1 Minimum Turn-On Voltage

I just picked up a bench supply myself, I found no problem starting from 12V to 19V. When I went down to 6V I could not get the unit to start no matter how many times I rapidly tapped the button (no modifications on this board at all). 7.2V worked with a couple of button taps. Adding a 10uF electrolytic plus 1uF tantalum did not make any difference (this was added to the power cable, and not directly to the Jetson). I did not check voltages between 7.2V and 12V. This particular supply is rated at 5A…between that and capacitance on the power cable I’m pretty sure any current spike additional requirement at the moment of button press would not matter. Still, 7.2V is a much lower voltage than what other people were experiencing issues with.