TX1 number of available SPI


If I understand well the documentation, only SPI1 is available from the GPIO. For my project, I need two SPI bus for connecting 3 sensors: two sensors are connected to SPI 1 on J21. For the last sensor, it seems impossible to connect it directly from J21. How could I connect my last sensor? Would it be possible to use SPI2 from camera or display connectors? If yes, technically how could I wired 0.5mm to 2.27mm pin? Has anybody already did it?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


There are 3 SPI interfaces available, one on the J21 header, one on the J23 header and I’m not so sure about the last one. There is 2 Chip Selects on the J21 header so you could probably make do with just those 2 CS. Regarding the J23 header, I think you may need a custom connector for the J23 header, or someone very good with a soldering iron!

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, both of the CS pin on J21 are already used by two different sensors. So it looks like I need custom connector for J22 / J23 headers… Anybody already did it?

Finally we found adaptors here http://www.zebax.com/index_files/page1388.htm and http://www.zebax.com/index_files/page2540.htm.
They are a bit pricy though…