TX1 partitions other than APP (partition 1)

hello, i noticed that jetpack flash creates 18 partitions. partition 1 is APP , the filesystem 15GB in size. the remaining 17 partitions range in size of 2.1MB to 520MB. i have no idea what these 17 partitions are for, they are listed by Disks app as being Basic Data. Are these 17 partitions needed by tx1 or can i delete them?

I think some of the partitions are leftover “baggage” from fastboot. Someone just posted this which demonstrates nicely how to change the EFI partition to actually be useful as a boot partition for kernels:

Sometimes changing the content of an unused partition is useful, but actually removing a partition may or may not interfere with some other part of boot. You can try and find out what happens if EFI is removed as a test case (this isn’t used under u-boot with Jetson). Probably the only risk is that removing a partition might shift other partitions, and if some part of boot goes by offset and expects that partition to be there, then something may be looking in the wrong place when depending on offsets.

thanks, linuxdev, for the answer and posting that write-up, that pretty much explained every question i had and gave a bunch of ideas. it’s amazing how much more intricate the design of the L4T disk/file structure is. i’m assuming most of what was written maps over to the tx1, do you think that is safe assumption?

Both JTX1 and JTK1 use more or less the same flash software scheme. The config file for partition layout may differ in what goes where, but the layout should be no different to adjust for JTX1 versus JTK1. Part of that layout similarity is because they both use u-boot, so there shouldn’t be anything to worry about in comparing JTX1 with JTK1 partitions.