TX1 (R24.1) not booting after flashing with Ubuntu 18.04 Host machine


I am trying to flash a TX1 on R24.1 (Linux For Tegra R24.1 | NVIDIA Developer). The output after flashing show success. However, the TX1 is not rebooting. Even a power cycle will not work. I can only put it back into Force Recovery.

Retrying exact same process on an old Ubuntu 16.04 host machine did work. Any clue why it is not working on the 18.04 host?? BR Joris

flash_output.log (160.0 KB)

R24.1 is far outdated and Ubuntu 18.04 did not exist at the time it was created. This was also among the very first of 64-bit releases. I don’t think an 18.04 host was validated for R24.1. Is there a reason why you need R24.1? If so, then I suggest sticking to an Ubuntu 16.04 host.

Note that the R28.x series came long after the R24.x series. There is a lot of change with R28.x (versus R24.x), and I think this is when Ubuntu 18.04 host PCs were added, though I don’t remember for sure. Currently we are in the R32.x series, and this in turn came long after the R28.x series. Unless you have a reason for using R24.1 I would very strongly suggest upgrading to the R32.x series.

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