TX1 Sata throughput

I tested Samsung 250 GB EVO 850 SSD using “sudo hdpram -Tt /dev/sdax” where sdax was formatted with EXT4 and got “Timing buffered disk reads = 129MB/s”.

The same SSD was tested on Tegra X1 base Shield Pro and produced “Timing buffered disk reads = 250MB/s”.

Both the TX1 and the Shield Pro have L4T 24.2.1 kernel/rootfs.

Why SATA throughput on TX1 is so low?

Has anyone tested throughput of SSDs on TX1 with L4T24.2?

Hi yahoo2016,

While running the SATA throughput test on TX1, have you set the system CPU to maximum performance?


I run “sudo ./jetson-cloks.sh” and it did not make difference.
I tested 512 GB Samsung 850 PRo and got the same 129MB/s.
The carrier card is from CEI

I found the problem was due to those eSata/USB docks/adapters. Since CEI carrier card does not have SATA power, I had to use those docks/adapters to get power. It appears those adapters only support SATA Gen1.

I found a SATA power cable to get power from a PC power supply and used a SATA cable between CEI carrier card and SSD, and got 261MB/S.