tx1 : support osd?

video can display by gst on tx1,but
how to achieve osd with video ?


Hi Alex,
Not pretty sure what ‘osd with video’ means. Please give more detail.

osd: on-screen display
how to display some control buttons or text on video from cameras?
The video and the buttons will display on the same lcd screen.

Hi alex,
You can try textoverlay. Here is an example:

I think the text can display successfully by textoverlay.
But how to do with the control buttons that create by qt?

Do you have any ideas about displaying the buttons on the video ?
May be that it is possible to create two layers for video and buttons ?
up layer with buttons by qt
lower layer with video??

Hi alex,
Some users share experiences about qt:

thanks for your replies.

But I have compile with qt5 source sucessfully.

We don’t have experience on qt, hope other developers could give the suggestion….

thanks for your replies.

can someone please tell me how to draw osd text on yuv422 image captured by v4l2 video device?