TX1 Thermal Dissipator calculation

Hey there!

I’m trying to figure out which type of thermal dissipator needs the TX1 for a normal use + occasional extensive use.

I would like to replace original thermal dissipator + fan for smaller one.

Could you please confirm calculations I’ve made are alright?

I have taken Ojp=1.2 ºC/W (taken from page 12 of Jetson_TX1_Thermal_Design_Guide.pdf, use case between 1 and 2)

Supposing => Tamb=50ºc and That I do not want to reach TX1 temp to the maximum-> Tegra Tº < 80ºc
Supposing Tegra medium power consumption would be ~15w

With this data, Opa can be calculated:

Opa = Oja - Ojp = (80ºC - 50ºc)/15W - Ojp = 2ºC/W - 1.2ºC/W = 0.8ºC/W

This means I have to select a Thermal dissipator with at least, Opa<=0.8ºC.

Is this too conservative?

Thanks in advance

Technically, to my knowledge anyway, the TX1 was designed to be able to run without the heatsink or fan. That being said, I have experienced thermal throttling around 70-80C without it. The amount of cooling you need depends on what you’re running and how mission critical the application is. You could probably get away with a heatsink half the size of the stock one and still be under the throttle limit.

Hi nVIDIA Team,

Can you confirm the Junction to ambient thermal resistance in ° C/W of the Jetson TX1 module? As we trying to perform thermal analysis to decide on heat sink.

Please help to answer ASAP.


ΘJA – Junction to Air thermal resistance
ΘJB – Junction to Board thermal resistance
ΘJC = ΘJT – Junction to Case (or top) thermal resistance
ψJB – Junction to Board thermal characterization parameter
ψJT – Junction to Top (case) thermal characterization parameter
Results shown are simulated thermal resistance values. Actual values for ΘJA, ΘJB, and ΘJC may differ in your system
ψJB and ΘJB are based on temperature measured 1 mm from the package (as per JEDEC spec)

ΘJA = 14.9 °C/W
ΘJB = 6.9-7.1 °C/W
ΘJT = 0.1 °C/W
ψJB = 7.4-7.7 °C/W
ψJT = 0.03 °C/W