TX1,UART j17

TX1.Can i use the J17(six pins) to recieve the imu data?
I change the imu data to ttl data,then i use minicom recieve data,but i recive some messy code.i check the baud rate and voltage,they’re right.how can i get the right data like (00 A8 43 3E 4C … FF)

This is connected to the removable camera module. You will probably want to disconnect the camera first, but yes you can use it. I think it should be listed as “/dev/ttyTHS2” (I’m assuming it is the same between TX1 and TX2…been a while since I’ve tested on a TX1).

I suggest experimenting with getting the correct speed and other settings by using a serial console program (I like gtkterm). You can use loopback to avoid involving outside settings and if typing text into the terminal echoes back, then it was correct. You’d jumper TX to RX, and CTS to RTS (CTS/RTS is only used if using hardware flow control is enabled, but this greatly helps longer cables and higher speeds…you won’t notice it with lower speeds). The wiring is shown here on the 6-pin side of a serial USB adapter (it’s standardized on 6-pin…ignore then use of J21 in the serial console example):