tx1/ubuntu questions.

i am fairly new to linux and the tx1/tk1 units. on my tk1 the log is echoed to the screen at boot and shutdown. on the tx1 it is not. i would like to know what i need to do to have it echoed if not currently and also to stop the echo if i want to. i’m thinking it is in an init.d file? maybe not.i’d appreciate help on that. also, the sudoers file is read only i guess as it should be but i’d like to add users when needed, i understand that it should be RO so do not get how i edit. anothe thing is on both units, tx1/tk1 when i suspend all i get is a blinking line in upper left and i can not figure out how to get back into the session. the keyboard terminal key combo does not bring up a terminal. currently i need to reset which i figure is not good for the system so i do not manually suspend and have it set to not suspend in the settings. in the past i have not built much software but this armhf nvidia seems to be rather limited in selection of binaries built so what should i look for to have a good development setup on either of these units? thank you in advance for any tips, pointers, semi detailed advice you can give me and the community.

Both are wired the same to do this. The issue is video mode on the JTX1 exceeding the scan rate of the monitor when in console mode (an issue being worked on). To be guaranteed to see all, serial console fills the requirement. Unlike a monitor, serial console has no driver requirement (other than a UART which doesn’t require a driver per se). Consider on both JTX1 and JTK1 that u-boot has no video driver…with serial console you can use even u-boot console power. TK1 only requires an ordinary NULL-modem cable or USB serial UARET. For TX1, see: