TX1, USB hub connect some devices, after running a while, tx1 shutdown, and can't launch

After the tx1 shutdown, I pressed the power button, the green light(CR2) on the right of the power button can’t bright. what’s more, I found the HDMI ,usb3.0 can’t out put any voltage . Then I tried to brush the tx1 , but the I can’t set the board to recovery model, the lsusb can’t find nvidia Corp .
I guess the part of the power about peripherals may burn. Do I guess is right ? what should I do.

Does anything change on the power light if you remove any USB device? If the light goes on when pressing the power button and USB devices are removed, then it may be a USB device at issue. Similar for anything which might draw power from the Jetson. Also, can you measure the voltage of the power supply going to the connector? It should be between 19V and 20V.

After the tx1 shutdown, I removed all the devices and usb hub, but there’s no effection. The power supply is the original AC-DC adaptor.

Can you measure the voltage from the adapter? If this is roughly 19V, then I’d say it is time to RMA. Basic power indication isn’t something with a lot of ways to be temporarily wrong. See the RMA information near the top of this: