TX1 USB3.0 Chipset

Who makes the xHCI USB3.0 Host controller chipset on the TX1? I would like to understand the throughput capability.

Hi Dan,

Controller is in TX1 chip, not an external chipset. Can you tell what kind of capability you want to know? Isn’t it in the TRM?

Thanks for clarifying. I have some benchmarks on real throughputs of common USB3.0 Chipsets and I wanted to see if I had anything on the TX1 controller. I haven’t looked at the TRM yet but I downloaded it and will check it out. I want to know if the USB will be a bottleneck if I use it to control a camera @ 140Mpix/sec with 12bit pixels (1.6Gbps)

The theoretical data rate of TX1 USB3.0 is maximum 5Gbps, should be OK for your request.