TX1 WIFI and BT dual connection on the same antenna

Hi, I am trying to understand if it is possible to use only one antenna on the TX1 module, for both WIFI and BT in the same time.
I found two answers on this forum that contradict each other :
This one says you can :

and this one says you can’t :

so which one is correct ?

can i use one antenna and have both WIFI and BT (on the J9 connector) or must i use both antennas ?

thank you.

Hi, the TX1 hardware design supports single antenna (J9) for both WiFi and BT, but that is not validated. You need to check with Broadcom for help.

Thank you, i will investigate further.
another question in this subject,
can the configuration for BT/Wifi can be changed while running.

say i want the TX1 to start with BT and switch to Wifi later on, can this be done while running ?

can i use one antenna and switch the usability any time needed ?

Thank you

Hi eladeshkol,

We don’t have experience on this use case, please discuss with Broadcom for the possibility.