TX1 with mainline kernel - Lauterbach

Hi boys and girls,

On my desk there is a TX1 I want to trace/debug with the Lauterbach.
Booting the nvidia 3.10 kernel and doing the things described https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/973698/tx1-watchdog-issue-whilst-debugging-with-lauterbach-/?offset=4 works for me to connect with the Lauterbach to the TX1.
My problem: For some reasons I need to run a mainline kernel (4.9), and I decided to run a Debian rootfs on it (booted from the SD card).
With this I cannot connect to the target. My guess is, that I have to do the same steps (logical) like described in the link with “echo 1|0 > /sys/foo”, but none of these virtual files exists at my mainline kernel system.
Does anybody connected with the Lauterbach to a mainline kernel and can describe what he has done?

I didn’t see any /sys/foo from the link? Do you mean the disable_wdt_reset and some CPU debug node? Then you need to reference to the k3.10 kernel config to enable it.