TX1 Yocto layer?

Does anybody have any Yocto layer for the TX1?

Hi pknopf,

We do not currently have plans to support Yocto directly as a deliverable, but seems people is porting the
L4T based Yocto layer for Jetson TX1 board now.

You may refer to below link:


Hello, i’m new in this project.

What machine type i must to put in conf/local.conf ?

I have also find this Yocto layer :

What’s difference between both ?

Thank you!

And how we put our yocto into the TX1 ?

There is a tool that allow to flash our yocto project ?

I have no knowledge of Yocto. Typically the flash.sh script will take what is in the rootfs subdirectory and add some boot configuration to it, then create a loopback mountable file system with that as the source. This is what gets flashed for the root file system.

You could use your root file system in the rootfs subdirectory…this would still put some boot configuration in it prior to creating the loopback image.

The flash script itself can re-use an old image with the “-r” option. This image is any loopback mountable ext4 image of the correct size. Should you put your yocto on that loopback image, then flash with the “-r” option to not create a new image, then your image gets flashed instead.

Information on cloning for the JTK1 is here, and mostly applies to the JTX1:

Commands specific to cloning under JTX1 are here:

If you want to create your own image pay particular attention to the size. You will probably flash once with regular L4T and not yocto using size “-S 14580MiB”. This sets up other partitions to fit with this as the size of the root partition. After that you should be able to use your own image of size 14580MiB. That size is exactly 1458010241024 bytes.

Example initial flash:

sudo ./flash.sh -S 14580MiB jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1

Example followup after a new image of 14580MiB size is placed in the bootloader subdirectory:

sudo ./flash.sh -S 14580MiB -r jetson-tx1 mmcblk0p1

Of course you could just leave most of the Jetson alone, leaving the original L4T while testing, and user serial console to select a different boot entry pointing at a yocto partition on an SD card or SATA drive (would require an extlinux.conf edit to add the alternate entry). Serial console wiring is shown here:

Thank you, but now after jetson’s flash, the tx1 reboot each 30 second
=> [ 9.731012] Rebooting in 30 seconds…

I don’t know why…

It works, i follow this https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/948816/jetson-tx1/tx1-reboot-over-and-over-after-install-latest-updates-r24-1-0-/

I think it’s because of I had not untar in sudo

You can follow this instructions to recompile and install:


we also have an SDK: