TX2 4.2.1 TensorFlow1.14.0 Installing Error

I use SDKManager to install tensorflow1.14.0, at the last step I get an ERROR about “command scp…”
Can I get help?

I have installed it with command line, but still get an error:
ERROR: launchpadlib 1.10.6 requires testresources, which is not installed.
Installing collected packages: tensorflow-estimator, setuptools, werkzeug, markdown, tensorboard, tensorflow-gpu
Found existing installation: setuptools 39.0.1
Uninstalling setuptools-39.0.1:
Successfully uninstalled setuptools-39.0.1
Successfully installed markdown-3.1.1 setuptools-41.2.0 tensorboard-1.14.0 tensorflow-estimator-1.14.0 tensorflow-gpu-1.14.0+nv19.7 werkzeug-0.15.6

but I can import tensorflow in python3, what should I do?


Do you follow the steps shared here:

Suppose you can install the module with this command:

sudo apt install python3-testresources


Thanks a lot !