Tx2-4g r32.3.1 Missing source code in source_sync.sh

kernel/kernel-4.9/include/linux/backlight.h: BACKLIGHT_DEVICE_PRE_BRIGHTNESS_CHANGE,
kernel/kernel-4.9/drivers/video/backlight/lp855x_bl.c: BACKKLIGHT_DEVICE_PRE_BRIGHTNESS_CHANGE,
kernel/kernel-4.9/drivers/video/backlight/pwm_bl.c: BACKLIGHT_DEVICE_PRE_BRIGHTNESS_CHANGE,

is used in lp855x_bl.c and pwm_pl.c but no other code services the request. this causes
if (pb->notify)
brightness = pb->notify(pb->dev, brightness);
to always return zero, and pwm_config never gets called.

@linuxdev do you know the code that will process the notify


This issue is duplicated with tT2-4g R32.3.1 LCD0_BKLT_PWM

I have not worked with that code. I can only speculate that if this works as a callback, then nothing registered to be notified (e.g., perhaps that is the meaning of “(pb->notify)”). Sometimes one driver will depend on the features of another driver, and you could be missing some other dependency, but I am entirely speculating.