Tx2-4g R32.3.1 pwm@32d0000 configuration fail

got this message in dmesg

ERROR: could not get clock /pwm@32d0000:pwm(0)
ERROR: could not get clock /pwm@32e0000:pwm(0)
What clocks am I missing.


hello terrysu50z,

is it PWM6 you would like to use with pwm@32d0000?
it has configured as disabled; could you please update the device tree property for verification.
for example,

        tegra_pwm6: pwm@32d0000 {
                compatible = "nvidia,tegra186-pwm";
                status = "disabled";

I changed it to okay and this thread is reporting the errors I see.

It had tach on it, I think I need it for LCD1_BLK_PWM, so I am trying to get it configured.


hello terrysu50z,

would you like to use PWM to control fan device?

I need LCD1_BLK_PWM to work.


hello terrysu50z,

I knew, just wondering what’s the use-case of this PWM?

controlling the leds for the buttons on a handheld lidar device. Has a mipi dsi screen , camera, lidar.

Police use it as a lidar radar, vs a radar based radar gun.


thanks, let’s tracking at Tx2-4 R32.3.1 tegra_pwm6 missing