TX2 4GB Module flashing rror

I got a TX2 4GB module, and I want to burn system on it. Follwing the instructions in tx2_as_4GB_overlay, I should flash driver package and file system. At the end of these operation, an error occured. Like below:

Error: Retuen value 1
Command tegrarcm_v2 --download blob blob.bin
Failed flashing t186ref.

Please help to resolve it.


I am just responding to confirm I am also getting the same issue

Is the host a VM?

No, I downloaded Jetpack 4.2 using the sdkmanager (JetPack_4.2_Linux_P3310), and then ran sudo ./flash.sh jetson-tx2-as-4GB mmcblk0p1 directly on my host machine (Ubuntu 16.04)

In that case you’ll probably need to provide the flash log. If not using the JetPack/SDKM log, and just going by command line, then I’d recommend something like this to log (the gawk part cuts down progress bar spam):

sudo ./flash.sh jetson-tx2-as-4GB mmcblk0p1 2>&1 | gawk '{gsub("[0-9][0-9]+[/][0-9[0-9]+ bytes sent..",".");print}' | tee log_flash.txt

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Thank you. I have attached the log output (with the system.img -> sparse lines cut out)
log_flash.txt (24.5 KB)

It looks like it gets completely through the setup of files to send, and then dies before sending actually starts (or more accurately, upon start of send):

[   6.8746 ] Sending bootloader and pre-requisite binaries
[   6.8769 ] tegrarcm_v2 --download blob blob.bin
[   6.8788 ] Applet version 01.00.0000
[   6.8972 ] Sending blob
[   7.0269 ] 
Error: Return value 1
Command tegrarcm_v2 --download blob blob.bin
Failed flashing t186ref.

Would someone from NVIDIA be able to elaborate on the meaning of error “return value 1”? I’ve seen this a lot, but I don’t know the actual meaning.

I will help check. Thanks for reporting.

I think there is a mistake. “TX2-as-4GB” is a board config to simulate TX2 device as a TX2-4GB device.

However, you are using a real 4GB TX2 now. No simulation is needed. For such case, please download Jetpack4.2.1 EA and use jetson-tx2-4GB to flash your board.

I cannot seem to find any way to download Jetpack4.2.1 EA? On the SKD Manager (, I only have options for target hardware of Xavier, TX2, TX2i or Nano. Each of those options only give Jetpack 4.2.

I think it is a little bit tricky here. Please use sdkmanager to download the TX2 package first.
Then, go to the Linux_for_Tegra folder. You shall see the TX2 4GB config.

I can see:


Do you have this folder? JetPack_4.2.1_EA_Linux_P3310

Do you have the target operating system as “Jetpack4.2.1 EA” in your sdkmanager?

No, as I said I cannot see Jetpack 4.2.1 EA in my sdkmanager. Only 4.2

The release would be ready soon… Sorry for waiting.

It seems that someone else meet the same issue with me. Hope can solve this problem as soon as possible.

Does not jetpack 4.2 support tx2 4GB now?
When will 4.2.1 be released?

Hi soo_HyundaiMnSoft,

The TX2 4GB will be supported from next release, and it will be released soon, please stay tuned.