TX2 against 2560x1024 resolution (stereo displays)

Good morning.
I’m using tx2 against a wearable stereo HMD. To work properly I have to set the 2560x1024 resolution to the HDMI output so that the output is splitted on the two displays.
When connected to the devkit HDMI the HMD works at 1280x1024 and I can see the 2560z1024 option in the xrandr query.
Anyway when I set the output to 2560x1024 I can only see half of the screen on both displays. How can I fix it?

Could you take a photo so that I can make sure I understand your problem…?

Dear Wayne. I connected everything to take the photo and it worked! I guess that the issue was that to work in parallel with the head mounted visor and a monitor I was splitting the HDMI signal with a splitter.
Connecting directly the visor solved the problem. Now the 2560x1024 resolution is correctly splitted in the two displays of the visor!
THanks anyway!