TX2 as a GPU?


I am very new to the world of robotics/linux/etc…

I was looking through the NVidia website and noticed Isaac SDK. So after a bit of research I found that it’s quite like ROS (but seems better somehow). The downside that I only have MacBookPros and three Lenovo ThinkCentres. None of which have an NVidia GPU.

However, I do have three Jetson TX2s. So my question is, can I setup one TX2 as a desktop to run the SDK responsibilites and rely on the GPU while setting up a second TX2 and the robot deployment platform?



I moved your post to the Jetson TX2 forum for better visibility.

The flash tools have a binary executable for the desktop x86 architecture family only. There is no way to make this work on arm64/aarch64. The GUI and scripts are simply front ends to this executable.

Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I will start saving money so hopefully in a year I can afford to build a PC capable of handling this.

Just seems like a waste as the compute power for the Nano and TX2 are well above 3.5