Tx2 as an eGPU?

I have a Tx2 and a host PC in Ubuntu.

Can I use Tx2 as an extern GPU on my PC?

I know one may use PICe which extends from PC and connect to GPU (1080Ti etc) or eGPU boxes to such things.

Can I do similar to my Tx2? Say using PCIe port to build connection between PC and it?


Won’t work.

I am also interested in this, could you tell us why it won’t work?

Is there a any way to use a TX2 as an external eGPU?

I can’t completely answer this, but in general, when this is possible, a PC would have a discrete GPU on the PCI bus. Then the PCI bus would be configured as an endpoint instead of a host. This would connect to the other unit’s host PCI, although perhaps through some adapter (e.g., USB-C). The integrated GPU of a Jetson is directly wired to the memory controller and is not exposed to PCI. The driver for the Jetson GPU has no PCI functionality in it, and a PCI-based driver won’t work for a Jetson. There are no doubt many other reasons why it won’t work.

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