TX2 Bluetooth connection problem with IOS (iphone)

HI nvidia,

For my application , i am writing IOS app to send command to TX2 baord like switch on / switch Off …etc.
But i am not able to connect only to my IOS mobile.

Is their any way to connect to IOS (iphone bluetooth)?

How to send commands to TX2 board using bluetooth?

I believe this could refer to some external experience on linux. We don’t have such case.

But I used to write control command through wifi to jetson.(Socket programming) If you don’t insist on BT, this could also be an option.

Hi WayneWWWW,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I have few more following quires:-

  1. The Tx2 board is able to pair with android mobile using bluetooth successfully, but could not communicate (like sending or receiving any files/commands )

  2. The Tx2 board is not able to detect & pair with iOS mobile using bluetooth.

  3. we have developed iOS app to send any commands to operate the Tx2 baord over bluetooth. but due to detecting & pair issues. We are not able to proceed ahead . Kindly help!

Hi meRaza,

Could you share you iOS version and which iphone are you using? What command are you using to scan iphone BT?

In fact, we just tried with iX and it is able to be detected by tegra.

Hi WayneWWWW,

I am using CoreBluetooth and CBPeripheral class for detecting bluetooth in iOS app.

Even with iPhone default Bluetooth search(settings-> Bluetooth) for bluetooth device in following devices like iPhone 5s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus devices is not getting detected {in settings-> Bluetooth also.}

I didnt check with iPhoneX.



Sorry that I just realized that you are asking. My test was “iphone detected by tegra” but not your case.

I will check.


Is tegra able to detect iphone?

Hi WayneWWW,

No iphone is not able to detect tegra.

I meant “tegra to scan iphone”. Is it able to see the iphone?

yeah its showing iphone and i have attached the pic of bluetooth setting of tegra for iphone 6s and android .

Hi meRaza,

Could you remove following parameters in /lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service

-d --noplugin=audio,a2dp,avrcp

and below in /lib/systemd/system/ofono.service

,hfp_bluez5,hfp_bluez4,bluez5,bluez4,hfp_ag_bluez4,hfp_ag_bluez5 -d

Hi WayneWWWW,

After the above changes, its not detecting on either side (device and mobile ) both in android and iPhone

Hi meRaza,

Sorry for that. Could you only remove parameters in /lib/systemd/system/bluetooth.service and don’t modify ofono.service?

Hi meRaza,

I modified both files and now my iphone is able to see tegra.

Hi wayn,

Apologizes for reply after many days, as i was stuck in other work related TX2.
Yeah i am able to see tegra in iphone.

I have one question, i want to sent commands and data via bluetooth to TX2.but when i went through the supported profiles of bluetooth in TX2 are a2dp,avrcp.

But for my application i need Attribute Profile (ATT) profile to be supported.


  1. how can i an enable ATT profile in TX2 board. ?
    (for both android and iphone)