TX2 board CR2 & CK1 is not switching ON

Hi Nvidia,

The TX2 Board was working yesterday night , but morning , when i checked its powered off.
but CR5 led is glowing to Red light.

And after pressing power button also other LED are not glowing CR2 & CK1…etc
only CR5 Red LED glowing …

Kindly help ,ASAP. its urgent

If you want to RMA the information is near the top of this:

I don’t know what to check if you are looking to repair it yourself…probably testing by swapping to a new carrier board would be the “next best thing to test”, but this obviously isn’t fast.

Hi linuxdev.

Thanks for the reply, i want to get it repair/ serviced .
Through RMA or any nvidia service center.

I have purchased the board in south Korea and our development office is Bangalore (India).
I am trying to get service in India but currently No luck.
I contacted the Help desk to but they didn’t responded yet , just said i will check and mail you about service.

Can you help me out finding service for TX2 board (Through RMA or any nvidia service center).
or guide me to approach right path.

Other than the RMA information I mentioned I don’t know of an alternate path. For non-USA vendors sometimes the vendor will have information on this in other countries.

There is a schematic of the carrier board in the downloads area. Even with a schematic it would be rather difficult to debug without actually sitting at the board…and I think it is a 6-layer or 7-layer board, so any troubleshooting would still be hit and miss (the original factory probably has JTAG boundary testing which is prohibitively expensive for the regular user).

Perhaps someone from NVIDIA could give more information on dealing with repairs in S. Korea and India…this is something I have no experience with.