TX2 boot staging / soft start supplies

Hi I have an application where buy a TX2 board we are using has boot issues when connected to a high resistance source.
The board try’s to boot but resets itself. Is the watchdog / boot hold off / staging of the onboard suppliers configurable so we can allow the source to settle before the board tried to boot?
Using a regulator before the TX2 cures the problem, however it would be preferable to modify the TX2 for space and power constraints.

Would a large capacitor at the point of power connect be a problem (e.g., maybe 1000uF or more)?

Hi, Thanks for getting back to me.
unfortunately adding capacitance does not help. the loom is too long and thin, or rather the resistance is too high.
is it possible to delay the start ups of the onboard PSU’s ?

It is possible there is some sort of device tree change to do this, but if so it is information I’ve never seen. Someone knowing the internals of cboot would have to answer.