TX2 Boot up abnormal

Hi need your help, TX2 was found stuck during operation,(Connect to TX2 by IP address ping),after 10 times power reboot,found twice was success,eight times was cant connected,Try reflash the eMMC ,However,the issue reproduced.
check the log, has found the power supply lose suddenly.thanks

TX2 power on abnormal log.txt (107 KB)

Hi rico.deng,

Your usecase is very common so I think it is probably a hardware issue. Does this happen only when you ping device through wifi?

Hi Wayne:
Its happened all the time not just wifi,TX2 was crashed cant connect any device,has found 2pcs,total 35 pcs. has affected the shipment,please help find the root cause or solution,thanks

Does this happen on devkit with pure jetpack installed?

havent try this right now

we have reflashed new version R32.2.1,but need account and password, please help

account and password need to be set through the monitor with usb keyboard + mouse.

will try it later ,do we have other option for solve this,thanks

You might see if this script works for you to add an account prior to flash (designed for a Nano, but perhaps it would work on a TX2):

Hi Wayne:
have tried installed pure jetpack,thie issue still happend,have one time after 20 times , is hardware issue or can use other solution? Please help.

Its happened all the time not just wifi,TX2 was crashed cant connect any device,

May I know how to trigger this issue? If you just flash this board and put it idle, will you hit any error?

Is the error symptom always same?

only test power on/off,then the system was crashed,cant connect any device,same as before,thanks

If this issue happens on 2 out of 35pcs of tx2, please file RMA request for these 2 modules.

ok thanks ,its that happened in other customer?

Nope, I don’t see any similar error log as yours so far.

got it,thanks a lot