TX2 booting problem: a start job is running for dec-cdrom.device(.../1min 30s ) and then enter emergency mode

When I boot my TX2, I got problem and can not go into Ubuntu desktop.

after lots of lines and right after this line: “[OK] Started LOAD/SAVE RF kill Switch Status.”
I got this: "a start job is running for dev-cdrom.device(…/1min 30s )
", and an icon in red running an asterisk cursing back and forward a mm or so,

And after 1min 30s, my TX2 goes to this:
Welcome to emergency mode! After logging in, type “journalctl -xb” to view system logs, “systemctl reboot” to reboot, “systemctl default” or ^D to try again to boot into default mode.
Give root password for maintenance

Any way that I can get to normal boot process and get Ubuntu desktop?
I tried to find solution in internet, but not work.

Has the Jetson ever been flashed? Newer versions are much more reliable than the original.

Regardless, do you have any kind of cdrom or DVD attached? Also, have you run “journalctl-xb” (what did it show if you did run this)?

I have flashed my TX2 with Jetson Pack3.1.
And it worked normally.

Last days I tried to add an Sangsung SSD on TX2 to install matlab linux version.
I got problem on mounting ISO image of the installing files.And tried some solutions found on internet, not work.

When I reboot the TX2 today,it goes to the error.Emergency mode.

It show a 1700 lines of words in screen when I run “journalctl-xb”,among the 1700 lines, several lines are in red corlor.

If I reflash TX2 with Jetson Pack3.1, can this issue be solved?

This is a screen shot when I run “journalctl-xb”.

It’s hard to say for sure, but it sounds like something with your matlab or SSD install accidentally wiped out part of your root partition. It is likely you do need to flash fresh and start over. To have a better idea of what is going on it would likely be mandatory to know a lot more about the matlab install attempt.

NOTE: If you get more information on an ISO issue you can always ask. There are different formats of ISOs, so the method of using those changes depending on what the ISO is. Attempting to mount an ISO you are not set up for, and doing so in a way which makes the mount mandatory would cause boot failure.

Hello linuxdev, Thank you for your reply.
I reflash my TX2, and it returns back to normal state.
Thank you!
It seems I have to be careful to mount an iso9660 file to TX2.

Mounting an ISO9660 file won’t normally be an issue. If not supported (and a kernel config has to be added to support ISO9660), then the mount will just fail. However, if you have specified to mount this on startup, and if the mount command is for mandatory mount and ISO9660 is not supported (or is missing), then boot will halt at the failed mount. It is quite possible that everything was fine other than having set up mandatory mount and the system halting when it couldn’t mount (or having the mount be the rootfs which it should not be).