Tx2 Bootup fail with 19V Battery pack

Hi guys, I’m trying to boot with external battery pack.

I’m using below battery pack.

When battery pack is connected to TX2, CR5 led turned on(RED).

But when I press Power BTN, there is no response.

What should I Test it? or improve it?

Tx2 with 220V(AC) worked well.

I follow this thread.

And I also agree with “snarky”'s reply.
But it is hard to add Capacitor in DC Battery.
Is there any way to fix this issue?

Thank you in advance.

Hi, looks like the workload capability problem of battery pack. Generally no other way except adding cap or change battery pack.

But doesn’t the capacitor work on the direct current circuit?
I learned it works on the alternating current.
How Battery and cap can be connected?

Do I have to use buck converter with cap?

The Jetson requires DC. If you apply AC to the input of the Jetson there will be damage.

The problem is usually that right at the initial moment of starting, for a very short time spike, there is an additional current spike which needs to be provided for. If there is too much voltage drop during that spike, then the system won’t boot.

A large capacitor is one option. Heavier wires may be another option. Sometimes even the connector can be involved.