TX2 build of Hokuyo URG Library


I am using a Jetson tx2 with a laser range finder, a urg Hokuyo ethernet 20m laser. All I need to do is recompile the lib for the Arm processor.

Any help gratefully accepted.


I only briefly looked, and I get the idea that although there might be a touch of Linux support, that development effort is almost all for Windows. One old compiler was listed as tested…this in itself isn’t a problem…but on a TX2 it was trying to find mingw (which implies it thinks Linux is building for running on Windows). The web site was rather vague and not clear on requirements, but you might research if the code was ever actually ever running on a native Linux system.

If you can verify the code has the ability to run natively on Linux, then you have a chance. If not, then you might be able to engineer some of what is needed to write your own code by looking at what is published, but it won’t be easy if that is the case.