TX2 CAD model TTP height vs Drawing TTP height

Hello -

I’m looking at assembly tolerances for enclosure designs and the nominal distance from the TTP outer surface to the PCB mounting surface measures 5.83mm in the CAD model and is listed as “6.25 MAX” in the Thermal Design Guide. Is the 5.83 distance minimum or nominal? So 5.85 +0.42/-? or 6.04 +/- 0.21



Hi brian,

‘6.25 MAX’ is for custom design, the real distance is 5.83 +/- 0.10, you can check the module data sheet for tolerance in page 60 as below:

Tolerances are: .X ± 0.25, .XX ± 0.10, Angles ± 1°

Thank you. I am designing a custom thermal solution, but it sounds like I design to the 5.93/5.73 condition? Is the 6.25 a different part number, or potential future variant?

5.73~5.93 is TTP of dev kit you bought. 6.25 MAX is the reference for your own designed TTP.
Are you going to remove the default TTP of module and use your own TTP? If so, the height of it should be less than 6.25.