TX2 Camera issue

we use the TX2 module,BSP version is R28.2, some cameras can transmit image Data through Mipi Embedded Data output, we want to connect the Embedded Data and image Data together into the cache for the our App use, may I ask how to modify the driver to achieve?Thank you very much!

If your question is how to get the sensor metadata you can reference to below API.
If you want to know how to make camera output embedded line please check the MIPI spec.


Hi Shane We want to use the V4L2 interface application program to obtain the embedded line data and image data together from the driver, and the camera sensor can output the embedded line data,thanks

For the VI mode (v4l2), Please check the vi4_fops.c to send the “chan->vi->emb_buf” to user space.

do we have patch for this modification?

Sorry, to tell don’t have this patch. But I remember someone have successful for this before. But I can’t find the topic now.

got it thanks for your support