TX2 Camera not working?

i have the same problem , and i follow the soluation but still can/t open the camera .

bitrate = 4000000
Encoder Profile = Baseline
Socket read error. Camera Daemon stopped functioning…
gst_nvcamera_open() failed ret=0

** (nvgstcapture-1.0:2515): CRITICAL **: <create_capture_pipeline:4565> can’t set camera to playing

** (nvgstcapture-1.0:2515): CRITICAL *: main:5367 Capture Pipeline creation failed
** Message: main:5374 Capture completed
** Message: main:5424 Camera application will now exit
ubuntu@master:~ v4l2-ctrl --list-devices bash: v4l2-ctrl: command not found ubuntu@master:~ ls /dev/v

/dev/vcs /dev/vcs3 /dev/vcs6 /dev/vcsa1 /dev/vcsa4 /dev/vcsa7
/dev/vcs1 /dev/vcs4 /dev/vcs7 /dev/vcsa2 /dev/vcsa5
/dev/vcs2 /dev/vcs5 /dev/vcsa /dev/vcsa3 /dev/vcsa6

Can you paste the solution you are trying in relation to the rest of your code? I did solve my problem in the end - not sure which solution you are trying because there are a few knocking around!

Hi all
I am using Jetson TX2 with jetpack 3.2
I connected TX2 with RADAR sensor, My goal is capture the raw data from the sensor and store it in memory
when i connect RADAR sensor to TX2 and running following application everything works fine, But the problem is,in my case i have to turn on RADAR sensor before running the following command (we configured the sensor using QSPI flash not using i2c)

v4l2-ctl --set-fmt-video=width=8192,height=384,pixelformat=“RG8” --stream-mmap --stream-count=100 -d /dev/video0 --stream-to=file.raw

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 30.00 fps
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 30.00 fps

if dont power on the radar sensor first, before running the above command i am unable to get the data it was showing following logs

< 1.0 fps
< 0.84 fps

while v4l2-ctl capturing 1.00 fps if connect the sensor it is not jumping into 30.00 fps

May i know what is the issue here

Thank you

hello nagendra.bl,

since there’s RADAR sensor combined, and issue only reproduced with power off the radar sensor.
I would suggest you file another new topic instead of replying this discussion thread.
let’s have investigation with proper topic titles.