TX2 CAN Bus fail issue

we found 3pcs of 10 pcs,has CAN bus failure issue,Attachment is our two TX2 module CAN bus failed the test waveform, can1_xxxxx. PNG & can2_xxxxx. PNG respectively for the two test results,can1_fail2.png & can21_fail2.png is the case that when failed occurs, one of the CANL is disconnected and not connected to the Server side and then executed again.It can be found that when the test failed, CAN_RX will send the signal without receiving the signal.Please help,thanks

Hi, can you please describe more detail about what the failures are in the waveform you paste? What’s the wave of 1/2/3/4 stand for? Is it a signal quality issue or sw data recognize issue?

Hi Trumany:
we have test 2 failure pcs, name: Can1&Can2 as the names, shows the fail or pass waveform as the picture name suffix,
i think its signal messed,thanks

If you doubt is is hw issue, you can file RMA for the failed boards then.

Im not sure what cause this ,its any other suggestion for this we want know the root reason or solve this,it to high for our pruduction,thanks

Are you testing on dev kit or your custom board? Did you try testing CAN with the failure modules on dev kit carrier board?

Hi Trumany:
has done some exchange test, the failure go with module,thanks

Since there is another internal bug tracking on this, let’s wait for the result of that.

ok thanks

Hi Trumany:
this is any update for this bug,thanks

You can file question in that bug.

Hi Trumany:
I have submit on bug system, still don’t get reply, please help check for this,thanks

Please only file request in bug system not in this thread, thanks.