TX2 can not use all 6 CPUs with Jetpack 4.4

I can utilize only 4 CPUs with Jetpack 4.4 (Include Jetpack 4.4 DP、Jetpack 4.4、Jetpack 4.4.1).
The power mode has set to MAXN (sudo nvpmodel -m 0) and run jetson_clocks.
It still can not use all 6 CPUs with Jetpack 4.4 series, but like Jetpack 4.3、Jetpack 4.2 can use all 6 CPUs.
There are two CPUs has been turn on and without any loading on them, here is the monitor screen shot:

I can not find any relative information about this with google, please help me to solve this problem, thank you a lot.

Hi jason.wurqe4y,

These are Denver cores. For using them, you would need to schedule tasks manually. Please refer to
[TX2] Denver cores not working on TX2

Hi kayccc,

Thanks for your fast answer.

It is work like you said.
And I see document said “Increased Kernel Launch Latency on Denver 2 Cores”, is there a latency impact when I use Deepstream with 6 CPUs?

If your models requires heavy GPU usage, it is possible to observe the impact. So we disable the cores(not to schedule tasks) by default.

Thank for response.
I had tried yolov3 in Deepstream. I got 6.55 fps with Denvor cores, and 9 fps without Denvor cores (both on TX2).
So it may not only impact latency, but also FPS.