TX2 CAN transmit frame is lost issue


  1. TX2 8G +custom carrier board+L4T r28.3.1 Jetpack3.3.1
  2. CAN0+Transceiver linked to CAN2USB devices
  3. modprobe can can_raw mttcan, ip link …etc. cansend, candump test is passed
  4. Using socket CAN tests in programs, send 1k CAN frames @500Kbps, CAN2USB dev receiving, Errors may occur.
    4.1 there may be no error , all 1000 frames received are correct.
    4.2 Some frames may be lost, and the number may vary.
    4.3 When the frame is lost, the console will receive
    mttcan_start_xmit: 1510 callbacks suppressed
    mttcan c310000.mttcan can0: No Tx space left
    4.4 When the frame is lost, exec cmd “ip -d -s link show can0”, reply info
    TX dropped number is not zero. (dropped num)+(receive frame num) = 1000

Please let me known how to fix the error, thanks!

hello pwpost,

since this is very old release version.
is it possible for moving to the later JetPack release to confirm the issue?

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