TX2 connected with laptop using ethernet cable unable to access a shared disc

Hi, I am using TX2 connected with a laptop using the crossover cable adopter on a single Ethernet cable. I would like to make TX2 access a portable hard drive connected with the laptop. I set the portable hard drive as shared. However, I cannot find it on the ubuntu in TX2. How can I make this work? Thank you very much!

You would have to know how it is shared before you could do much. There are many software choices in shared drives. An example is that many people use Microsoft network neighborhood (which Linux works with by using Samba, but some shared devices use NFS (either v3 or v4). Whatever the case is, then there is probably a driver which can be installed (or which is already installed), and some user space software.

If you can, be much more specific about the hard drive so it can be looked up to see which software it uses. Sometimes another device which does use it can be examined to find out what is being used.

Hi linuxdev, I used the ethernet cable and a crossover adaptor to connect a TX2 and a windows desktop. I success ping on both device. After that, I set one folder on ubuntu by right click → local Network Share. The first time when I clicked, I was asked to install Samba. And I did. And it seems all set. A shared icon appeared on the folder. I also share a disc from windows desktop. However, for the window desktop, I cannot see the TX2 computer let alone the shared folder. For the TX2, I cannot see the windows desktop. I don’t know why I cannot see the shared folder. Thank you very much!

I don’t know enough about Windows or Samba to give you a good answer. Do know though that there is a Samba client (for using Network Neighborhood) and a Samba server (if one is creating a share to export). So you would also have to provide more details about which machine is exporting versus importing, and how you’ve set that up (e.g., if configured to export a certain folder/directory).

Windows won’t need any special software installed (so far as I know), although sharing would have to be set up, and perhaps firewall changes. I couldn’t tell you any details about this though, I just don’t do enough with Samba or Windows to know.

One significant detail which you should know is that if Linux is exporting a directory, then it needs to be set up to specify not only the directory, but what kind of file permission translation to do (Windows and Linux have their own ideas on security/ownership, and rules are basically set up to deal with this). So unless you set up (on the Samba side) some configuration it is still likely to not work.

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