tx2 cpu on our custem board is slower than on the development board

hi, I need some help.
tx2 run program on our custem board is slower than on the development board.

on our custem board:
sudo ./jetson_clocks.sh
Can’t access Fan

I donn’t konw wheather the Fan can affect the cpu frequency on our custem board. On the development board,do_fan function in jetson_clocks.sh works fine and there is no log show Can’t access Fan. May be this is the problem?

Hi, just to confirm, did you follow the design guide to do schematic of fan part? The fan is for heat dissipation, if cpu works in heavy load and the fan doesn’t work, system will reduce the cpu frequency to avoid over heat.

The diff of performance between the develepment board and coustom board is very large. the time of finishing the program:900ms vs 500ms.
when I run the program on the develepment board,the fan’s debug value is 0.It mean when the program is running,the fan don’t work. so the fan donn’t affect the performance.
I run a test program only for cpu, Two board have the same performance.
I think maybe the Dram problem? I found the discussion:

It could be. Did you check the pin connections of those strapping pins? Please refer to chapter 12.7 of OEM DG to check the pins, do NOT change the pin status on your carrier board.