TX2 CSI Capture error

Hi, we are developing a driver for the AR0231 camera, and whenever we try to capture there is an error on the CSI as follow:

kworker/5:1-115   [005] ...1   916.072361: rtos_queue_peek_from_isr_failed: tstamp:28754818847 queue:0x0b4a3c58
     kworker/5:1-115   [005] ...1   916.072369: rtcpu_start: tstamp:28754820987
     kworker/5:1-115   [005] ...1   916.072372: rtcpu_vinotify_handle_msg: tstamp:28755525788 tag:CHANSEL_PXL_SOF channel:0x00 frame:229 vi_tstamp:2985721432 data:0x00000001
     kworker/5:1-115   [005] ...1   916.072373: rtcpu_vinotify_handle_msg: tstamp:28755525978 tag:ATOMP_FS channel:0x00 frame:229 vi_tstamp:2985721441 data:0x00000000
     kworker/5:1-115   [005] ...1   916.072375: rtcpu_vinotify_handle_msg: tstamp:28755528733 tag:CHANSEL_LOAD_FRAMED channel:0x01 frame:229 vi_tstamp:2985724526 data:0x08000000
     kworker/5:1-115   [005] ...1   916.072376: rtcpu_vinotify_handle_msg: tstamp:28755696880 tag:CHANSEL_SHORT_FRAME channel:0x01 frame:229 vi_tstamp:2985892494 data:0x00000001
     kworker/5:1-115   [005] ...1   916.072378: rtcpu_vinotify_handle_msg: tstamp:28755697123 tag:ATOMP_FE channel:0x00 frame:229 vi_tstamp:2985892498 data:0x00000000

Do you know what could be causing the SHORT_FRAME issue? We have tested the sensor register configuration with another system (Evaluation board) and it works properly.

The sensor configuration is 1928x1208@30 RAW12 and 2 MIPI Lanes. Do you foresee any issue with this setup?

Is there a way to debug further this issue?

Thanks for your help in advance.

hello CarlosR92,

below error tag show the pixel incomplete failure.

tag:CHANSEL_SHORT_FRAME channel:0x01 frame:229 vi_tstamp:2985892494 data:0x00000001

could you please review the sensor streaming, is there embedded metadata line?
you might also adjust active_h for checking.

Yes, we are currently verifying this issue. We have solved similar issues in the past by changing sensor settings, but I was wondering whether is possible to debug this issue further from the TX2 side to get more detailed information about the issue?

Is there a way to enable more debug or to get more information at the TX2 side?

hello CarlosR92,

in generally,
sharing kernel message and also VI tracing logs were enough for triage and debug.
please check sensor specification and modify the sensor device tree settings to solve CHANSEL_SHORT_FRAME failure.
further step would be arrange resources to probe the sensor MIPI signaling if you still unable to root cause the issue.

Hi JerryChang,

We managed to solve the issue and we are able to capture now. We created a wiki page about it in case you are interested: https://developer.ridgerun.com/wiki/index.php?title=ON_Semiconductor_AR0231_Linux_driver_for_Jetson_TX2

Thanks for your help.