TX2 CSI sometimes capture first image failed

Hi everyone,
I use TX2 and the BSP is R32.6.1, I found sometimes CSI capture first image failed. The sensor output image is 7.5fps, always capute first image use 140ms,but sometime capute firrst image use 280ms or 400ms. When I comment fuciton csi4_phy_config(chan, csi_port, csi_lanes, true) in function csi4_start_streaming(), it works well capture first image use 140ms. Does reset csi phy affect capture the first image frame? Thanks.

hello kenny_234,

it’s csi4_phy_config to program the CIL config and write the PHY settings.
may I also know what’s the scenario you’ll capture 1st image for 280ms or 400ms?
could you please enable dev_dbg() to gather more info, for example, you may enable dynamic debug flag.
# cd /sys/kernel/debug/dynamic_debug/
# echo file channel.c +p > control

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