TX2 Custom board : Hardware Issue

Hello !

I’m building a custom board using jetson tx2 4gb .

In my board, i removed M.2 interface, PCIe,SD Card, Sata, and Serial port (except uart0_x, for serial console)
GPIO Extender, DSI, CSI, JTAG, Debug.

and add a RS485, USB hub ic (USB5537b), usb to eth (RTL8152) x2.

When i power up my custom board, there was a massive heat on USB hub ic and there was a strange beep sound from TX2 module.

USB and the other peripherals are work fine but i think there is a critical power problem.

I thought the problem was caused by things I added, so I got rid of them all.

But the issue has yet to be resolved.

Too many noise (ripple) on every sources.

I checked schematics, and PCB patterns , all of them but i couldn’t find where the problem begin.

Did I miss anything?

Thank you.

Hi, the beep noise is from module or your custom board? Generally some tantalum cap could make such noise, you can check if it is.

Yes. I already checked it. Also Esd. The sound came from module.

Is it possible to find out which component in module makes such noise? Can you read the total power consumption of system? It should be a large value if power issue.

Do you have log file when this happen? Have you done crosscheck on devkit carrier board with this module? That can help to check if module has been damaged.

Hello Trumany.

Current is around 0.090A ~ Max 0.300A@19V at steady state.

As you said, i checked whole log .
And there is no log about that.
All sources were correct in log (there was no specific error about power measurement and other peripherals.
it works pretty fine.)

And when i checked 5V0, 3V3, 1V8 and VDD_IN, the result was shown as attachment.

If there isn’t anything wrong about schematic, i think the gerber has problem.

Point is, Is there any chance to make the source like that if there is a problem with gerber?
(Ex. In VDD_IN.jpg, VDD_IN ranges from 18.9 to 20.4, ripple)

The current value is in normal range. Is the current in same range even when usb hub ic hot? Then don’t understand why ic is so hot while current is normal…As you said, all functions are normal, right? Do the ripples on rails occur often or occasionally? The ripples of 5V and 3.3V seems acceptable. Can you compare waveform to that of dev kit?

How many devices attached on hub during power on? Is it possible caused by over current on the output of hub vbus?


We had a similar issue back with our first revision of our motherboard.

The cause was a mix of power sequencing and poor supplies.

I would urge you to look at the Linear Technology (Analog Devices these days) uModules - they are extremely good.

Here’s a schematic showing our implementation - as you can see when using the uModules the design is extremely small and simple (yet a little expensive - but the modules are worth it as there’s practically no ripple on our supplies)

Jetson.pdf (1.23 MB)

Have you tried holding it in recovery mode and measuring the current, temp, etc.?

If everything looks good in recovery mode, try booting into U-Boot and stopping the boot process and remeasuring.

All status was just fine.
And i found there was a problem with artwork at ethernet and sh gnd. All gnd was like a net, not like a legion.
I am doing reassembling my board now.
If i resolve this problem, i’ll reply on your reply.