TX2 custom carrier with config #3 for two USB3.0

I am working on creating a custom carrier for TX2-4G and need to have two USB3.0 ports. From the TX2 Series OEM Product Design Guide and the Platform Adaptation and Bring up Guide documents, I think I should use PEX_RFU for first USB and the USB_SS1 for second USB.

To be specific:
First USB: D39, D40, G39, G40 (PEX_RFU) for USB3SS and A38, A39 (USB1) for USB2
Second USB: D42, D43, G42, G43 (USB_SS1) for USB3SS and B42, B43 (USB2) for USB2

Am i right on the pin selection?

Yes, correct.

Thank you. If my embedded USB3.0 device (camera) does not need USB2, can I remove USB2 signals and use them for another USB2 port? or do I need to have USB2 signals for the USB3.0 port to work?

It is not validated, i’m afraid you will handle it by yourselves.