Tx2 Decode H264 file failed


I am using Jetpack 3.1, the Multimedia API, 00_video_decode sample try decode h264 file, but it decode failed, the out put file not correct, please help check. ffmpeg can decode this file correctly.

Test h264 file is https://pan.baidu.com/s/1_1LEhimMKxjXvO7N5z8vgg

Hi nwchero,

The JetPack 3.1 is a bit old, and might have this problem, could you move to use the JetPack 3.3?


Hi kayccc,
I have update to JetPack3.3, and use 00_video_decode sample, it crashed when try to decode this H264 file, please help check why this h264 file cause problem. Thanks.

We are not able to access baidu link. Please share it to other links.

Hi DaneLLL,

I upload test file to github, please check the link below,thanks.

Please check

Hi, DaneLLL,

The patch work normally, thanks.