TX2 Dev Board Versions

I’m working on a custom kernel and ran into trouble with USB power. I found this page (Jetson/TX2 USB - eLinux.org) that told me to patch a certain dts file.

This worked.

At the top of that page is says :

The Jetson TX2 Developer Kit added an INA3221 power monitoring chip to the reference carrier board for monitoring the 5V supply. Previous or custom carriers without the chip may need to manually enable USB power in the device tree to gain connectivity.

Does this imply that there multiple versions of the TX2 dev board, one with the INA3221 and one without? If so, are there different part numbers?

TX2 dev boards all have ina3221.

Oh, ok, thanks.

So under normal circumstances how is the USB power supposed to be enabled? Maybe I did something else wrong, but it seemed to me that I could only get USB power on my TX2 after applying the patch mentioned above.

That page is quite old and most for rel-28 release. Rel-32 is different.

Please refer to adaptation guide (inside developer guide) for usb porting.

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