TX2 Dev kit always loss power few minutes after startup

Yes, I know. But we didn’t know if the hardware was already broken or not (I guess it is broken). Please run the test again once you get a new TX2.

OK, I’ll do it. And post the result here.

If you are saying that while in recovery mode the TX2 shuts down, then that probably is a hardware failure. Any kind of boot after flash where it shuts down with the extra Jetson_Clocks.service is highly suspect (even if you disable it, this implies the startup content was modified…you need to check without modified clocks…basically without ZED installed).

OK,I get it . I’ll run tx2 without ZED driver to test it once I get a new one.

Thanks linuxdev.

I have gotten a new tx2 the day before yesterday. I think the hardware revision of the new one is a very little different from the previous one.

I installed all components except ZED wrap(jetson_clocks.service), and I kept it running apps with JP4.2 under powermode 0 and its max frequency for two days without any problem.

So, I think problem solved.

Thanks for WayneWWW’s and linuxdev 's help.