TX2 Dev kit Not powering on


We were having a tx2 working with yolo model.

But after some time the tx2 devkit decide to stop switching on.

So after connecting to power supply which comes along with the dev kit, we push the Power on button on the dev kit, the red led near the camera connector → CR5 just switch on for a second and then off. No other LEDs on the dev board switches on. no green led near the recovery and power button and red led near J2.

No serial console logs.

Please help in diagnosing the issue.

THanks and regards,

hello aman.kashyap,

is this related to camera modules? could you please remove that for confirmation.

Hi jerry,

Not realated to the camera module. Edited.

thanks and regards,

hello aman.kashyap,

are you able to gather the kernel logs for this scenario?

Sorry for the late reply.

No, i cant see anything in serial console. The device doesnt boot up. And nothing is shown on the logs.

One thing in particular i want to ask is, if the eMMC is full, does something like this happens? like the board refuse to boot up due to memory full.

hello aman.kashyap,

no, it won’t.

could you please try to re-flash the board to narrow down the issue,