TX2 Developer Kit camera not detected


I have a TX2 kit here which doesn’t seem to recognize the camera. I’ve tried both out of the box and with the latest JetPack flashed via SDK manager, I see no device node /dev/video0 and there is no difference in the dmesg / kernel log if the camera board is attached or not. It looks like it does a probe and doesn’t find anything. Trying gstreamer with the nvcamerasrc or nvarguscamerasrc sources and it detects no camera.

Is my camera module defective, or is there something I’m missing?


hello cbradley,

please share more details,

  1. may I know which JetPack release you’re working with
  2. may I know which camera module you’re using? please share the part number of the board.
  3. you may also connect the serial port to gather bootloader messages,

Hi cbradley,

I suggest checking the messages from the boot sequence , if you don’t see a device node (e.g /dev/video0) is it is most likely because the v4l2 device driver is failing at some point.