TX2 Development Kit not able to flash via sdkmanager

You can check your host dmesg and see if there is any error log coming out after it detects the board.

We don’t have a restriction about any chipset to the host side.

ok. that did it, wonder if it was the kernelversion. or any updates on the
other host install.

this time a pure 18.04 iso
no upgrades!
then an
apt-get install libgconf-2.4
apt --fix-broken install
dpkg -i /media/me/NV/sdkmanager_1.7.3-9053_amd64.deb

run sdkmanager
kept all the defaults.
downloaded and installed flawless
flashing with no problem whatsoever

thanks for the hint. reinstalling for sure was faster then trying to figure out what the bug was.

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