TX2 devkit USB powering

Hi Everyone,

We have detected some issue with USB powering on TX2 devkit. We try to use Robustel M1200-4L as a gsm modem, unfortunately TX2 doesn’t see anything on USB port after coldstart or restart. If I disconnect and reconnect the USB cable between the devices (TX2 and the modem) after booting, TX2 will pair with the modem and works fine. We would like to use TX2 as an on-board device, so there is not possible to unplug and plug it again. Modem has an external power source (12v) and it works fine on Ubuntu and Win10 as well. We tried to modify USB’s “autosuspend” parameter from 2 to -1. (it was not easy, but we done it with kernel rebuild), but the symptom was the same.
We have to use L4T R32.1 with Jetpack 4.2, because we are using MIPI camera board with IMX577, and the driver doesn’t support higher versions…

So my question is simple,
How can we enforce TX2 to support it’s USB ports after booting? or rebuild the usb device tree…


You may try to disable/enable the regulator to force re-enumeration. Please refer to: