TX2 display was flashed


When I connected the screen by HDMI port,the screen was flashed.

I pretty sure the screen is normal.If the EDID mismatching?


Not sure what does “flashed” mean… Does your monitor go into blank?

Hi WayneWWW,

means flickering


It is not common error case. Would you see such error if you connect the screen and then boot up? Or only hotplug would trigger issue?


all goes well until enter the system,it was flickering. no any error info appeared.

hotplug was also normal.


Have you tried different monitors? Are you using nvidia devkit or your own custom board?


yes,I using nvidia devkit.The other monitors connected is working,but the other equipment connect this

screenalso normal.

Is the disk space not enough?

Hi aerospacex,

I pretty sure iit is enough.

If other tegra with same BSP (from jetpack) are all working fine on this monitor, this one may have hardware issue.

Could you confirm that you are using fresh BSP from jetpack?