TX2 doesn't see the external hard disk


I want to transfer some data from my external hard disk to TX2. But after connecting the usb cable of hard disk (Samsung solid state drive, 4TB) to the tx2, there is nothing. TX2 can not read or open the external drive.
Why this happened? How canI fix it?

See what the logs say. If you start the system without the drive connected, and then monitor logs via the command “dmesg --follow”, what do you see appended to the log when you plug in the drive?

When the drive is plugged in, what do you see as output from the commands:

sudo lsblk -f
lsusb -t

here are the output.
monitor, keyboard, mouse, usb hub and the hard disk are connected to tx2. I connected a flash usb (16gb) to the tx2 and it was recognized. but I don’t know why the external hard disk is not being recognized by tx2.

It says that there is not enough power for the drive that you are using. Try using a powered USB hub.

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It worked, thank you so much.

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